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Trackety screenshot - Resolve Group Expenses

WOWLoot screenshot
WOWLoot is a tool to easily figure out who owes whom how much money, for example after a trip. Simply input everyones expenses, and the easiest way to even out the money will be found. Try the site live at GitHub Fork it on github!

WebHawk - Website Monitor on Android

WebHawk screenshot
Make your phone or tablet automatically check if your websites are online and responding. Get it on Google Play GitHub Fork it on github!

imStat - Photo Infographic in 24 Hours

WOWLoot screenshot
imStat was a project to create an infographic over my photo collection, during hacka, a 24 hour programming event. The result is this infographic. GitHub Fork it on github!

Happy Sphere - Puzzle on Android

Happy Sphere screenshot
Discover the way to solve each level in this Android puzzle game! Get it on Google Play GitHub Fork it on github!


Other projects and their source code are available on